A message from Liberator!

When we set about redesigning our packaging we were concerned about two things: how to make it more convenient at the point of purchase and how it would affect the world around us.

Before we could envision how our products could be more easily carried out of a store, we had to consider what path it must travel to get there. Our Shapes are large, high density foam pieces leaving us with a difficult product to reduce in size. In order to cut down the dimensions we developed a revolutionary vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from Shapes without compromising the integrity of the product.

This allows our Liberator Shapes to leave our Atlanta manufacturing facility in a box that is 60% smaller than our previous packaging.

As our boxes shrink, so does our carbon footprint. With less space necessary for shipping, we use less fuel for deliveries and fewer paper products for packaging, reducing our impact on the environment. For our customers this means they get an easy-to-carry package in a store, or a small, discreet kraft box when ordering online.

Just like we have redefined the bedroom, we are redefining the way we impact the world around us.