Clear Kitty Delight Medallion Butt Plug
Clear Kitty Delight Medallion Butt Plug

Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights Kitty Delight Medallion Plug

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We must be in heaven, because right here is the most gorgeous Kitty princess plug you will ever see (granted, that might be because this may be the ONLY Kitty princess plug you’ve ever seen). Created out of beautifully handcrafted glass, this pleasure purroduct is available in either clear or pink, your choice, and features a stunning image of a Kitty in rhinestones on the base.

Designed for use with either a silicone based lubricant or water based lubricant, this happy Kitty toy comes with her very own handcrafted pouch for storage and travel. Pick yourself up one of these unique Kitty collectibles, and your backside will be purring in no time!

Black satin storage pouch included.